Sunday, December 5, 2010


Ubiquitination: labelling the proteins

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, ground-breaking research led to the discovery of a highly-specific, energy-dependent process enabling the cell to target specific proteins for degradation. In 2004, Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery, which enabled the understanding of protein degradation at the molecular level as well as its implication in biological processes as diverse as control of the cell cycle, gene transcription and immunity (1, 2


Vet Scottsdale- Vet for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

You probably were searching for a veterinarian’s internet site in Scottsdale Arizona. Well, we are too!

You, in all probability, did that which many folks would do and searched for “vet scottsdale” and when the search engine results appeared, you clicked on a result and arrived at this internet site. We developed the website so that people such as yourself would find a local veterinarian. We intend to present a featured vet but, but first, we must find a good vet in Scottsdale to refer.

Veterinarian ClinicAt this time, we can present to you a couple of articles concerning vets & small animal care. The articles have ideas on how to find a good veterinarian, animal neutering, pet care, and so forth.  We are seeking an excellent veterinarian in Scottsdale AZ for you.  And will hopefully have one featured soon.  Please come back later to discover what vet will be featured.

If you know of a stellar veterinarian for general practice or an emergency vet in this area, you can send them to this web site so they can be featured here.   If you happen to be a veterinarian in Scottsdale Arizona,

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People are now looking on the world-wide-web to find products and services and gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. As it happens, there are a variety of US cities that are not even producing White Pages simply because so few folks actually use it. I feel that the Yellow Pages will in all probability do the same.

Do you have a paid or even a free listing in the Online Yellow Pages?  How can you stand out from all of the other vets in town?

We developed the site to rank in the search engines for locating a veterinarian in the Scottsdale area, and can adapt it for any vet services you provide. That is how potential clients will discover a local vet and your clinic, if highlighted on this web site.

Your vet clinic will be the only veterinarian on this site.

The complete web site shall be your clinic info, your veterinarian services, your business hours, and so on.  We can even website link to your business home page to help direct visitors to you for more information.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kung-Fu Theater | FlickStream

I loved watching this as a kid! Now I can watch them all again. Go check out the site!!!